Nueva versión de Goglobal disponible (4.5)

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GoGlobal anuncia nueva versión de su herramienta estrella para la ejecución de aplicaciones de escritorio a través de web con grandes novedades y mejoras de estabilidad.


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of GO-Global 4.5 for Windows. This powerful new release incorporates a wide range of new features and functionality, including:

• Integrated Gateway. GO-Global Gateway (previously available as a separate product called GO-Global Cloud Server) is now included as a standard, no-cost feature of GO-Global for Windows. It can easily be deployed in larger enterprise environments to provide a high-availability, secure gateway to multiple GO-Global Hosts.

• Application-based Load Balancing. If a Windows application exists on multiple GO-Global Hosts, GO-Global Gateway will now automatically start the application on the Host with the lightest load.

• Active Directory Support. Allows administrators to easily control access to Windows apps based on user groups.

• User Workspace. Lets users access their applications and files from a central Web-based console with an intuitive, redesigned user interface.

• User Sandbox. Allows administrators to limit the applications and files that users can access.

 • Smart Card Support. Windows-based smart card authentication is now supported, based on the ISO 7816-13 API standard.

• Client Keyboard Input Method Editor (IME). Lets users switch keyboard languages on the fly while running a GO-Global session.

• Simplified Installation. Installation has been streamlined using role-based installation with automatic setup.

• Mobile Client SupportiOS and Android mobile client access to GO-Global Gateway will be available soon (mobile access to GO-Global Host is currently supported).